Top Things Tourists Do in Turkey

bWhether you are looking to travel to Turkey for business or pleasure, it is important to put in place measures that will help you make the most of your trip. This is why you should consider doing some research on the best places to visit and activities to take part in. With everything that the country offers, here are some top things tourists do in Turkey.


Explore the stunning beaches

Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Most of the tourists who visit the country make sure that they explore these stunning destinations.  You can learn more about facts about metamorphic rocks. Some of the beaches you should visit include Kleopatra Beach, Iztuzu Beach, Icmeler Beach and Blue Lagoon. Apart from the tranquillity of the beaches, tourists also enjoy the boat trips, sunbeds and water sports.


Tours and sightseeing


Another popular activity among tourists who visit Turkey is tours and sightseeing. There is no doubt that Turkey is a beautiful country, a factor that explains why so many people like to explore the surrounding vista. There are guided tours to the Blue Mosque, Pamukkale, Topkapi Palace and Istanbul City. For tourists who love photography, the cliff ridges of Cappadocia make for a beautiful destination.


Visit historical sites


With the rich history of the country, there is a lot that one can learn when they visit historical sites. Learning the history of the country will not only help to broaden your knowledge but also make it easy for you to understand and appreciate the local culture. Some of the notable historical sites to visit are the ruins of Ephesus, Cappadocia, Mount Nemrut, Hagia Sophia, Sumela Monastery and Ani.




After a long day, going shopping helps tourists to relax and unwind. The good news is that Turkey has a number of great shopping destinations. Whether you are interested in souvenirs, clothes, tea, spices, jewelry or rugs, Turkey will have great products for you. The Grand Bazaar, Ottomania, the Egyptian Bazaar and Sahaflar Carsisi are some of the shopping areas tourists flock.




Tourists go cruising in an effort to discover some of the most beautiful places in Turkey. Voyages of Discovery will start in Istanbul and visit Dikili, Canakkale and Antalya. For those who choose to go for Thomson cruises, the trip will start at Marmaris, visiting the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia before finally reaching Istanbul. The Port of Istanbul and Eminonu are some of the other places tourists go to if they wish to enjoy the experience.


Restaurants and bars


One does not have to be a food lover to enjoy the great food served at various restaurants in Turkey. Borsa Restaurant, Asitane, Alancha and Orfoz have great food and drinks. This is why a good number of tourists flock the restaurants. Tourists who enjoy an occasional drink will also take time to visit renowned bars to explore the nightlife.


In addition to setting aside enough time for these activities, you should also plan for your accommodation and transportation. This will not only make your stay seamless but also help you avoid the frustrations that come with being stranded in a foreign country.